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Dec 31, 2012 9:00am EST
that ... that wa the worst day of my tragedy immediatelyyprompted caals for greater ggn control. the n-r-a is resisting those efforts and instead sugggsts armed guurds would deeer similar acts of has arnered mixed reactionn. feinstein says: "...there were armed guards a columbine, they pculdn't stop the shooters..." graham says: "...people are buying more guns, urder rates have gone down..." meanwhile, one attorney ss seeking to sue the staae of connncticut for 100 million dollars. irving pinsky ssyy the state failed to protecc his cliint, who has since suffered ""motional and psychological trauma and injury" from the december 14th shooting.pinsky says: "....the screaming, cursing, the bang bang bann and er friendd are dead, and that's ttauma // "the state of ccnnecttiut, and otherrstates tto, are failing to protect the childden from twenny-sixxshooting victims - have been laid to rest and now adam lanza's remains as been claiied foo burial. connecticct's medical examinerr says sommone who wishes to lanza's body several days ago. in nnw york, patti ann browne, fox news. some n
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1